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Drug development

Imanova’s imaging sciences research can provide valuable insight on candidate drugs to help inform go/no go decisions between phase I/II.

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Academic research

We offer high-quality R&D dedicated clinical and preclinical facilities of a standard rarely found in academic institutions; perfect for imaging studies.

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Academic publications

Researchers at Imanova publish their own academic research whilst providing a world-class medical imaging service to industry and academia.

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360⁰ tour

Imanova benefits from world-class facilities and expertise, meaning we have a wide range of capabilities. Explore our facilities in our virtual tour.

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About Imanova

Imanova is a unique translational imaging centre with established expertise in state-of-the-art molecular imaging techniques, preparation of radiopharmaceuticals, supporting drug development and clinical trials. In particular we specialise in employing positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning techniques to reduce risk in early drug development and help improve disease understanding.